John & Archie

Our Story



Hello, I am John and this is my goalie dog Archie and we live in the Toronto, Canada area. Last November on a single, wet evening here locally, 17 pedestrian crashes occurred in a period of just over four hours, a very tragic event for our greater community. 

This prompted me to followup on a long held idea of creating a collapsible umbrella that was designed to not only keep you dry but all help keep you safe when encountering vehicles as well as cyclists.


Most crosswalk crashes occur in low light conditions (early morning or evening) and these crashes can spike in periods of precipitation due to the further erosion of a driver's ability to see you as you cross the street. In the vast majority of pedestrian crashes, the driver does not see the pedestrian. 

After a number of prototypes and field testing, in March I launched LifeLight Umbrella, the world's first collapsible umbrella exclusively designed to help keep you or loved ones safe at crosswalks.

Following our launch, LifeLight Umbrella was featured on a number of US broadcast networks and national publications. Today, only months later, it is very humbling to now have LifeLight users from New York City to Miami to Los Angeles to Seattle! What is also great is over half of LifeLight purchases represent more than one umbrella, typically people also buying for loved ones.

The US Governors Association announced this past February that pedestrian crashes are now at their highest level in 30 years. If you are a crosswalk user, LifeLight Umbrella is definitely good living insurance!

My umbrellas come with a one year replacement and no returns are ever required - if you experience any issues with your purchase within 12 months, simply contact me for a complimentary replacement.

Be Seen and Be Safe.

John & Archie