Pedestrian crashes are rising. We have an umbrella for that.


It's Smart To Become Visible.

  • Stylish, collapsible multi-function rain umbrellas that make you more visible to drivers
  • Rooftop LED flashing canopy light with push button control (steady and flashing modes)
  • Built-in LED flashlight to help illuminate body
  • LifeLight's retroreflective trim on upper and lower canopy edges reflects vehicle headlights back at source to help make you more visible to drivers
  • Easy to store (backpacks or briefcases) with smart pocket for addition of mobile app GPS location finder
  • Range of colors, super waterproof, abrasion and mildew resistant

    America's collapsible rain umbrella designed to help keep you safe at crosswalks.

      • 40" /102cm canopy coverage
      • Flashing LED canopy roof light with On / Off Switch
      • LED flashlight handle
      • Two layers of high visibility light reflective trim to reflect headlights back into a driver's eyes
      • Wind protection system, guaranteed not to collapse in non-hurricane force wind
      • Technology pocket for mobile app GPS tracker
      • Strong fiberglass / metal shaft design
      • 15 inches / 38 centimeters length, fits in backpacks and briefcases
      • Weight: 1 pound / 454 grams
      • Snap strap closure
      • Abrasion Resistant Fabric
      • Hang band
      • Storage bag
      • Uses standard AAA batteries within handle (included)
      • One Year Full Replacement Warranty, no returns required

    Designed to defeat the wind.

    LifeLight Umbrella is guaranteed not to collapse in non-hurricane force winds. Our specialized wind vents allow wind to pass through your umbrella. No more concerns about the wind collapsing your umbrella on blustery days.

    Designed to alert drivers of your presence.

    Pedestrian crashes are at a 30 year high while eight in ten people surveyed say they do not feel safe as pedestrians when encountering vehicle traffic when it's dark and wet outside. 

    In addition to your own personal awareness, using LifeLight Umbrella significantly reduces your chances of being involved in a pedestrian crash.

    Designed to find.

    Located under the canopy, our velcro sealed pocket is designed to fit common BlueTooth trackers you can find on Amazon. Simply add a tracker and have a free mobile app alert you when you leave your umbrella behind or find it later via GPS.

    Designed to last.

    Retail umbrellas can often fail quickly or can last just seconds on a windy day!

    Quality LifeLight Umbrella is an umbrella you can count on.

    If for any reason your umbrella does not operate according to specifications for one year following your purchase, we will replace it for free. No returns are ever required. Our business is about helping to keep you and loved ones safe at crosswalks in wet conditions both now and in the future.

    Designed For Protection.

    LifeLight Umbrella is also a valuable addition to your vehicle emergency kit for situations where you must exit your vehicle in dark, wet roadside conditions. 


    "Ingenious and added peace of mind."

    Bill Harris, Atlanta, Georgia

    "Wherever I travel, people wanting to know where to buy." 

    Jill Morris, Portland, Oregon

    "Had a driver give me a thumbs up as I crossed an intersection. LifeLight gets noticed". 

    Anne Harrison, Phoenix, Arizona

    "The whole world needs one of these."

    Susan Cooper, Chicago, Illinois