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Pedestrian Crashes are at a 30-Year High

LifeLight Umbrella Increases Crosswalk Safety

Aggressive driving, speed, driver inattention and a lack of situational awareness are combining to cause increasing carnage at urban crosswalks. Most occur in low light periods and spike when driver visibility is further reduced in wet conditions. If you are going to invest in a quality umbrella, why not one that lessens the likelihood of being a crash statistic?

LifeLight is Your Smart Life Safety Umbrella

  • Stylish design and exclusively built for crosswalk safety
  • High quality, super waterproof, abrasion and mildew resistant canopy
  • Technology pocket equipped to allow for addition of a Bluetooth tracker to alert your mobile phone if you leave your umbrella behind
  • One year full replacement warranty coverage

    Product Specifications

      • 40" /102cm canopy coverage
      • Flashing LED canopy roof light
      • LED flashlight handle
      • Two layers of high visibility light reflecting trim
      • Wind protection system
      • Technology pocket (60mmx60mmx3mm)
      • Strong fiberglass / metal shaft design
      • 15"/38cm length
      • Weight: 1 pound / 454 grams
      • Snap strap closure
      • Abrasion Resistant Fabric
      • Hang band
      • Storage bag
      • Uses standard AAA batteries within handle (included)
      • One Year Full Replacement Warranty

    LifeLight Offers A One Year Full Replacement Warranty With No Returns Required. We are currently celebrating spring with free shipping on all orders!

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